The must-have for every cellar

Bloemendaal (NL) – Techcomlight's daylight professionals have provided a basement with more daylight and better ventilation, whilst also keeping pests and moisture out.

In the basement of a mansion in Bloemendaal where people both work and live, the indoor climate was anything but ideal. Frogs and other vermin, dirt and moisture were always present in the existing lightwells. The existing steel grilles allowed both little daylight and limited ventilation to enter the area below. As a result, the basement was a dark living and working space without fresh air and with high humidity.

The 3 existing lightwells were fitted with 3 custom Lucernarios. The customer wanted to keep the existing stone edge at the top of the lightwells, therefore all 3 systems were custom made accordingly. In addition, the 3 systems were coated in the desired RAL colour and equipped with Matrix glass instead of Pixel glass.

Customer comments:
Thanks to the Lucernarios in our living cellar, we have much more daylight and ventilation in our cellar is also possible. The entrance at our front door is now always clean and fresh. We will paint the inside of the lightwells ourselves with white paint, which will make the room look larger and allow even more daylight to enter. This is of course much nicer than the previously green/grey walls of the lightwells, as well as the dirt and many leaves we looked at from the inside.

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